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Semper letteris mandate


Chicken art and Canadian Politics

In 1997, “artist” Rob Thompson caged two people for a week to protest the conditions of commercially raised chickens. During this same period, Preston Manning declared that he would sell Stornowy, the traditional residence of the Leader for the Opposition, and Prime Minister Jean Chretien claimed he regularly conversed with a homeless person, who turned out not to exist. To top it all off, Quebec politicians Parizeau and Bouchard embarked upon a contest to see who could outdo the other in making the most outrageous pronouncements  (The general consensus was that it ended in a draw.)

Call me Trgiaob

It was back in the early ’70s that I inadvertently appeared as an angel to a young man in Toronto. I still worry about him sometimes.

Epitaph for Wittgenstein

One thing about a pet fly — it’s easy to care for. It can also give you pause to contemplate 20th century philosophy, should you feel the impulse to do so.

The Raccoon Incident

Feeding raccoons is not recommended. But what do you do when a baby raccoon is starving in the cold right outside your door? In my case, you become the laughing stock of the entire town.

Notable Interviews

To the right are a few of the noteworthy interviews I've conducted.

Ian Rankin

Ian Rankin

Maeve Binchy

Maeve Binchy

Astronaut James Lovell

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