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V8 juice and Canadian unity

During the 1994 National Unity debate, Lucien Bouchard made headlines when he predicted Quebec’s separation would lead to the swift fall of English Canada to American invasion. And then suddenly these French-only V8 posters mysteriously began to appear in down-town Toronto.

What does Dell’s $3 million in sales through Twitter really mean?

When Dell announced they’d made $3 million in sales through their Twitter promotions it was lauded as a triumph for social media. The numbers, however, tell a far different story.

Prius ads say, “Enough with nature already!”

For a company that’s positioning itself as “green,” one has to wonder why the Prius campaign’s subtext is so anti-nature.

Social Marketing: K-mart goes to the twits

It’s not that I hate social media marketing — it’s just that outside of a very few special cases I’ve yet to see anything indicating that it’s worth the hype. And Izea’s social marketing promotion for K-mart isn’t one of these special cases.

CTRs: The “Car Through Rate”

As an indicator of effectiveness, the click through rate may have seemed like a good idea at the time. But counting cars on the highway, even an information highway, is not particularly reliable.


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Ian Rankin

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Maeve Binchy

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