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Concerns grow over possible education tax hike

With the loss of the 15% deduction for early payment and an increase in property evaluation, home owners worried that their education taxes are about to skyrocket unless mill rates were adjusted. They had the government’s word that there was nothing to worry about — but then again, they had the government’s word.

Fatal crash reignites intersection debate

The fatal collision that left an elderly Albertan couple dead resurrected Gull Lake’s on-again off-again debate over safety measures for the intersection of Hwy. #1 and #37. This in-depth look into the statistics and nature of past collisions reveals that most of the solutions put forward have little to do with the actual problem.

The first rule of Exit-Checkers Club…

Recently WalMart and other Big Box stores have instituted a policy of checking receipts against merchandise as shoppers leave the stores. Some feel this to be a blatant accusation of shop-lifting while others say it is a necessary tactic to guard against theft. One thing is for sure, nobody in charge is willing to discuss the practice.

A skunk, a badger and a very big hole

When breaking news hit, I’m there to cover it — even if it does involve sharp-clawed wildlife and large excavations.


Notable Interviews

To the right are a few of the noteworthy interviews I've conducted.


Ian Rankin

Ian Rankin

Maeve Binchy

Maeve Binchy

Astronaut James Lovell

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