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Corporate Editing Sample

Because my hard-core technical writing involves analysis and recommendations for clients, it is generally proprietary in nature, and therefore not available for a clippings portfolio. As a result, most of the material posted under Technology consists of those articles I’ve written for the general public.

Fortunately, however, one client has graciously allowed me to post a sample of some editing I did for them. So if you feel like ploughing through something that looks like the screenshot below, feel free to download the sample document here. (Fair warning, it’s a big document — over 3 meg.)

Metadata white paper DRAFT V11 — Edited

No, seriously — do you really want to read this?


Notable Interviews

To the right are a few of the noteworthy interviews I've conducted.

Ian Rankin

Ian Rankin

Ian Rankin sends a secret message to Carol Burnett's mother.

Maeve Binchy

Maeve Binchy

Astronaut James Lovell

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