Chris Simpson

Semper letteris mandate


Publishing Experience

  • Winner of 2013 Saskatchewan Weekly Newspaper Association’s Better Newspaper Award for special feature, “Salute to Veterans.”
  • Member of Canadian Association of Journalists.
  • Over thirty years in the publishing industry, including software documentation specialist, columnist, and editor
  • Long-time commentator on advertising, both traditional and digital
  • Communications consultant for immersive technology companies wanting to promote their services
  • Editor for corporate white papers and reports

Technical Experience

  • Created and headed J. Walter Thompson’s IT department
  • Programming and applications development
  • Produced software analysis documentation for DeBeer’s
  • Wrote software manuals for J. Walther Thompson (Can.), Command Data
  • Extensive coverage of enterprise immersive software
  • Communications consultant for international virtual trade exhibitions

Teaching Experience

  • Seven years teaching analytical and business writing
  • Experienced in multi-cultural communication
  • Consistently draw in students who switch program sections, refuse exemptions, or audit without credit in order to attend

Administrative Experience

  • Created and headed J. Walter Thompson’s IT department
    • Established company-wide best practices
    • Responsible for all department purchases
    • Responsible for reports to CFO
    • Set up in-house training, hired staff
  • Managed four newspaper and magazine departments with staff ranging from three to seven people
  • Contracted to help revamp data entry department at McDonald’s headquarters, Don Mills

A Sampling of Publications

  • The Welland Tribune • Globe and Mail • The St. Catharines Standard • The Independent • The Outrider • Toronto Irish News • The Town Crier (Beaches) • Celtic Curmudgeon: Arts & Entertainment Review • What’s on Queen?

A Sampling of Software Proficiency

  • MS Word, WordPerfect, InDesign, InCopy, QuarkXPress, Excel, Dreamweaver, PowerPoint, Photoshop, Acrobat, Flash, Illustrator


Employment Highlights


Freelance Editing, Research and Transcription

2012 – Present

  • Confidential transcriptions, proofreading and online research for research studies, television shows and corporate conferences (largely through Transcript Heroes)
  • Editing white papers, technical articles
  • Researching and writing news, features and short articles for various publications
  • Information analysis

Managing Editor

The Gull Lake Advance

  • Managing office procedures
  • Planning issues
  • Researching and writing news, features and short articles
  • Editing

Professor: College English & Professional Communications

George Brown College
2003 to 2012

  • Seven years teaching analytical and business writing in one of Toronto’s top colleges
  • Researching, writing and delivering innovative, comprehensive, and intellectually stimulating lectures and PowerPoint presentations on the English language, essay writing, and business communications
  • Engaging a diversity of students to develop their own writing and research skills
  • Evaluating essays, tests, research assignments, and student progress and achievement

Editorial Columnist

St. Catharines Standard
2010 to 2012
  • Regular editorial on events pertaining to the Niagara region
  • Member of community editorial board


Metaverse Messenger
2005 to 2007
  • Readership over 100,000
  • Topics:
    • technology
    • immersive Internet for enterprise
    • online advertising and marketing

Copy Editor

Trader Media
2000 to 2002
  • Entering and editing copy and text ads
  • Ensuring accuracy
  • Beta-testing new publication program

Managing Editor

Editor’s Sidebar: Online Journalism Resource Site
2000 to 2004

  • Created, designed and promoted a resource site for Ontario journalists
  • Researched and categorised hundreds of resource sites
  • Created a comprehensive database of Ontario newspapers
  • Created a comprehensive database of fall releases by Ontario authors, organised by regions
  • The site became a linked resource of the Press Club of Canada
  • The site was featured in the Canadian Community Newspaper Association’s magazine, The Publisher

Managing Editor

Circa 2000: Online magazine
2000 to 2002

  • The Circa 2000 Project was a time capsule for the Internet: representative, rather than exhaustive in its selection of sites. Its online presence was the Circa 2000 magazine featuring articles on Internet culture, technological advances, and experiments. I was responsible for the look and feel of the magazine, editing all articles, and writing a number of regular columns.

Executive Editor

Celtic Curmudgeon: Arts & Entertainment Review
1998 to 2001

  • Co-creator of successful cross-over journal combining academic and popular articles on Celtic culture
  • Supervised original design and 1998 redesign
  • Planned issues, assigned stories, oversaw production, circulation, advertising and promotions
  • Wrote editorials and features
  • Attended the yearly Canadian Booksellers Association Trade Show to assess the season’s new Celtic books and interview internationally renowned authors such as Maeve Binchy and Ian Rankin

Senior Staff Writer

What’s On Queen?
1995 to 2000

  • Popular and hip magazine covering Queen Street culture from the Beaches to Roncesvalles
  • Regular columns included “Bookstores on Queen,” “Theatre on Queen,” and “Queen Street History” along with regular art and music beats
  • For five years hosted the popular Kaldi Coffee Quest, a one-day journey from Roncesvalles to the Beaches with coffee at every stop
  • Covered numerous musicians and artists based along Queen, including Milton Jewell and Dorothy Cameron
  • Wrote seasonally relevant features with community relevance

Assignment Editor

The Outrider
1992 to 1995

  •  Assigned and edited articles; covered news events; wrote features and fillers
  •  Launched “Ad Nauseam,” which has attained a certain degree of respectability in the ad industry
  • Mentored under Rod Goodman, news editor and Ombudsman of The Toronto Star (retired), and Janice Hayes, news copy editor of the Globe and Mail

Director: IT Department

J. Walter Thompson
1987 to 1992

  • Created and headed JWT’s IT department from its inception to its outsourcing in 1992
  • Researched and purchased all new software and hardware for up to 350 machines across Canada
  • Created industry-specific applications, including video library for all JWT television spots
  • Taught workers use of machines and software
  • Tracked department expenses with regular reports to CFO

Notable Interviews

To the right are a few of the noteworthy interviews I've conducted.

Ian Rankin

Ian Rankin

Maeve Binchy

Maeve Binchy

Astronaut James Lovell

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